Cdu middle class politician attacks “merkel system

Cdu middle class politician attacks 'merkel system

The party is “like a czar”s court,” complained the chairman of the CDU/CSU”s association of small and medium-sized businesses and the economy in the “suddeutsche zeitung” (thursday). “There is no longer any fundamental debate, because everything in ms. Merkel”s CDU is offered as having no alternative,” he told the “leipziger volkszeitung” (wednesday). Other economic politicians disagreed. More conservative accents are also being discussed.

72-year-old schlarmann, who for years has repeatedly criticized merkel and the CDU”s profile, complained that it would be "impossible" for potential successors to rise to the top under the "merkel system. The party is "immobilized with a feel-good program for the next federal party conference". He doubted in the "leipziger volkszeitung" that the union with merkel at the top could still get enough votes in elections.

In the "suddeutsche zeitung" schlarmann, who is also a member of the federal executive committee, criticized: "power in today’s cdu does not lie in the adenauer house or at the federal party congresses, but solely in the chancellor’s office – all ministers are directly dependent on the chancellor, careers are only made by those who lie on merkel’s line."Merkel has "no fixed course, but drives only on sight", not only with euro crisis and energy turnaround. Goals were "exchanged depending on the practicability".

Vice-chairman of the union faction michael fuchs (CDU) rejected the criticism. The accusations were "not substantiated" and "certainly not in any way comprehensible," the economic expert said on deutschlandfunk radio. He himself felt that "angela merkel was not oppressing me in any way". Schlarmann should provide proof of his convictions, he says, and this should be discussed in the national executive committee. The committee will meet on 27. August together again after the summer break. The party leadership also said that schlarmann would remain invited to "constructively contribute his position to the party committees".

The head of the parliamentary group for small and medium-sized businesses in the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, christian von stetten (CDU), also defended merkel. "Precisely because i take a critical view of some individual issues and have sought discussion with the federal government, i can confirm that a discussion process is constantly taking place and that the chancellor as well as all other cabinet members are personally available for discussion at any time," he told "handelsblatt online".

CDU interior politician wolfgang bosbach said in the "leipziger volkszeitung" (thursday) that merkel was "the best thing that could happen to us in view of the upcoming elections". But one must be allowed to ask, "what else distinguishes us from the political opponent, what are we fighting for, without this being booked as a frontal attack on angela merkel?". Bosbach, who is a member of the conservative "berliner kreis" (berlin circle) of CDU politicians, announced that the circle would probably present a manifesto next week.

CDU presidium member philipp mibfelder said in the "neue presse" (thursday): "rallying points for conservatives are not necessary at the moment, as we effectively represent all currents within the union with issues and people in the committees".

The CDU will meet in early december for the national party conference in hanover, before which a series of regional conferences is planned. At grassroots level, there is some criticism of the euro rescue policy and of merkel’s programmatic modernization course, for example because of the withdrawal from nuclear power and the end of compulsory military service.


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