Rocky landscape and stone witnesses

Rocky landscape and stone witnesses

"We are a motley crew", birgit janson stated. The pastoral assistant, together with forster ludwig winkler from woffendorf, had organized the spring family pilgrimage of the catholic parish of altenkunstadt. The pilgrimage, which united all age groups, was held under the motto "mountainous places, rocky landscape and stone witnesses of faith".

After a short prayer service in the chapel in frankenberg, which was built in 1977, the action began. The route led through the fields from frankenberg to mosenberg. The skylark still has its territory here; the pilgrims watched its soaring flight with fascination. The dry summer has left its mark on the forest, as the tree damage made clear. Ludwig winkler showed the copper engraver's work on 20-year-old spruce trees. "Although it only measures about three millimeters, it can do some serious damage. The forest farmers in our region are having a hard time with it", explained the forster. To prevent further infestation, the affected trees had to be felled and removed from the forest. In the "herosen, this is what this forest area is called, the "herrenholzer" divided by sandstone boundary stones. The representation of a goblet on the "stone witnesses, so winkler suspects, probably indicates that this forest used to belong to the langheim monastery. In the course of the secularization, the monastery possessions were called "herrenholz" ("lord's wood") divided among the local farmers.

Robber ties up savings bank employee

Robber ties up savings bank employee

Yesterday afternoon, a 49-year-old employee of a savings bank sat tied to a chair in the lobby of the schney branch for almost three hours. An attentive passer-by noticed after 3 p.M. That the branch was still closed, even though the lunch break was over. She looked through a window into the building and saw the tied up employee. The 49-year-old was treated on the spot by the ambulance service. She had suffered a shock but was uninjured.

Nylon stocking over his head

Love for the village

Dorfer are small and manageable. A value in itself in times of megabyte-controlled information floods. No sooner does a street village begin than it ends again. Does the cow raise its head for a moment because of the passing car or does it continue to graze?? Given. Time is not a factor, then just later.
Villages are not only idyllic, but also a remote place of residence for overtired commuters, at some times of the year dreary and lonely, sometimes even on the verge of extinction. All this is what the makers of the film "in the world of the strabendorfers" mean times not. The strip will be broadcast on bavarian television tomorrow sunday, 27. August, from 15.15 to 16 o'clock. The film is 45 minutes long and is about love, love for the village, love for life hopefully also. Well, for sure.
Discontinued model country? 20 years ago, almost 19 percent of germans lived there; today, the figure is 15 percent, or rather a tick lower. Eisenfelden, bergen, karlshuld, steinbach an der haide – four beautiful strabendorfer, one film. There is life in all four – sometimes, it is said, families move in. Or stay there again at least.
Like in steinbach an der haide, city of ludwigsstadt, upper franconia. Far out on the map of bavaria, with the border to the GDR just behind it. Steinbach an der haide is at the same time very far inside. In the heart of its inhabitants, flowers and flowers on the village green in the center. Ewald heyder is a long-time resident, and birgit trobs is even the elected local farmer. Idyll in the hugeligen frankenwald. "In the world of the "strabendorfer is a film by annett segerer and alexander saran, edited by Michael Zehetmair.


The asians love violins from bubenreuth

A long workbench, wooden parts, screw clamps, a few chisels and small planes. 300 years ago it must have looked similar in cremona as it does today in the workshop of gunter lobe in bubenreuth (district of erlangen-hochstadt). "Nothing has changed in the way of working. We work like centuries ago. With the same tools", says lobe.

Machines, industrialization, conveyor belts – none of this plays a role in the world of luthiers. Why also? The best instruments have always been made by hand, especially in cremona, the home of the italian master antonio stradivari. His violins are traded for many millions of euros.

Wreck of the “smsscharnhorst” discovered off the falkland islands

Wreck of the 'smsscharnhorst' discovered off the falkland islands

The wreck of the german warship has been located off the falkland islands, the falklands maritime heritage trust announced on thursday. The flagship of the east asia squadron of the imperial navy was found 98 nautical miles southeast of stanley at a depth of 1610 meters by underwater robots.

"The moment of discovery was extraordinary. We often chase shadows on the seabed, but when the "scharnhorst" when the first ship appeared, there was no doubt that it was one of the german ships," said expedition leader mensun bound. "We sent down an underwater robot to reconnoiter and almost immediately we were in a war trummer field. Plotzlich she emerged from the darkness, with crude cannons pointing in all directions."

Judge at the coburg regional court had to speak up

Judge at the coburg regional court had to speak up

At some point, judge jana huber had enough: "geht’s noch. That’s not adult or cool, that’s stupid kindergarten stuff", the presiding judge at the coburg regional court replied to a witness.

Previously, the latter had not only tried to provide the defendant with an alibi and had become increasingly entangled in implausible declarations during the statements.

Road bridge collapsed in us state of washington

road bridge collapsed in us state of washington

According to the media, this is what a police officer said on thursday (local time). The skagit valley herald local newspaper in mount vernon, online reported that there was initially no word on injuries or deaths.
Eyewitnesses reported that three people had been pulled from the river. There was applause for the rescuers from onlookers when a man was brought from the roof of his car to dry land. A motorist who drove over the bridge just before the collapse reported a vibration in the road. When he looked in the rearview mirror, the part of the bridge he had just driven over was no longer there.

The newspaper reported rescuers with boats were trying to help people in their cars in the water. The northern section of the bridge between burlington and mount vernon collapsed in the evening for as yet unknown reasons. Onlookers had gathered on both sides of the river. Further details were not initially known. Interstate 5 connects seattle with vancouver in Canada.

Siemens cuts hundreds of jobs in the usa

Siemens cuts hundreds of jobs in the usa

Siemens cuts hundreds of jobs in U.S. As wind power orders fail to materialize. The company announced that approximately 615 employees will lose their jobs. The reason for this is the impending expiry of tax breaks for wind power in the USA and the trend towards gas-fired power plants due to the favorable gas prices. Just recently, the electrical giant announced plans to cut about 500 jobs in its german gearbox manufacturing operations due to the weak wind power business.

"The entire industry is currently experiencing a massive slump in orders", siemens announced in the u.S. On tuesday. "Unfortunately, this will not be without consequences for the jobs." The affected employees are to receive severance pay. A spokesman said the job cuts are expected to go through until the end of the year.

Court allows controversial bremen monkey experiments to proceed

The authority had argued that the suffering of the monkeys in the experiments was ethically unjustifiable. Previously, the bremische burgerschaft had spoken out in favor of an end to the trials. The OVG, on the other hand, regards the monkey experiments as justifiable. The court does not like an appeal.

Since 1998, scientists around prof. Andreas kreiter neurological research on macaques. In the attempts the heads of the animals are fixed. You have to actively participate in the experiments to get water. Brain activity is measured. Researchers hope that basic research will lead to advances in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy.

Logging on unkempt forest areas

Sunlight penetrates through the loosened canopy to the forest floor, young trees can grow back and naturally rejuvenate the stand: this is what a well-maintained, ecologically and economically valuable forest looks like to forestry experts. However, this ideal image does not yet prevail everywhere in the city’s forest, as a tour of the forest showed the city councils.

Right opposite the showcase area at obererthal is the counterexample: a stand of pines, larches and beech trees that is about 100 years old. "Although the stock is relatively old, the trees are still so dunn", said matthias wallrapp of the foundation juliusspital wurzburg. Since september 2015, the foundation has been supporting the town, especially in forestry planning.
The maintenance of the stand was not possible in the past, because it was not accessible by a road. That has now changed for several years. Therefore, on almost eleven hectares, about 750 solid meters of wood have now been cut – mainly to support other species. "The books otherwise displaced other trees", explained the city forestry manager hubertus tumpach.