Wreck of the “smsscharnhorst” discovered off the falkland islands

Wreck of the 'smsscharnhorst' discovered off the falkland islands

The wreck of the german warship has been located off the falkland islands, the falklands maritime heritage trust announced on thursday. The flagship of the east asia squadron of the imperial navy was found 98 nautical miles southeast of stanley at a depth of 1610 meters by underwater robots.

"The moment of discovery was extraordinary. We often chase shadows on the seabed, but when the "scharnhorst" when the first ship appeared, there was no doubt that it was one of the german ships," said expedition leader mensun bound. "We sent down an underwater robot to reconnoiter and almost immediately we were in a war trummer field. Plotzlich she emerged from the darkness, with crude cannons pointing in all directions."

The "SMS scharnhorst" was on 8. December 1914 at the beginning of the 1. World war ii sunk by the british navy. In total, about 2200 soldiers were killed in the fighting, during which other german warships were destroyed. The commander of the squadron, admiral maximilian graf von spee, and his two sons were also killed in the battle.

"As one of the many families affected by the heavy losses on 8. December 1914 in the battle off the falkland islands, is the discovery of the "SMS scharnhorst" for us bittersub", said the descendant of the admiral, wilhelm graf von spee. "We console ourselves with the knowledge that the final resting place of so many has been found and can now be preserved, while at the same time we are reminded of the unspeakable loss of human life."


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