Rocky landscape and stone witnesses

Rocky landscape and stone witnesses

"We are a motley crew", birgit janson stated. The pastoral assistant, together with forster ludwig winkler from woffendorf, had organized the spring family pilgrimage of the catholic parish of altenkunstadt. The pilgrimage, which united all age groups, was held under the motto "mountainous places, rocky landscape and stone witnesses of faith".

After a short prayer service in the chapel in frankenberg, which was built in 1977, the action began. The route led through the fields from frankenberg to mosenberg. The skylark still has its territory here; the pilgrims watched its soaring flight with fascination. The dry summer has left its mark on the forest, as the tree damage made clear. Ludwig winkler showed the copper engraver's work on 20-year-old spruce trees. "Although it only measures about three millimeters, it can do some serious damage. The forest farmers in our region are having a hard time with it", explained the forster. To prevent further infestation, the affected trees had to be felled and removed from the forest. In the "herosen, this is what this forest area is called, the "herrenholzer" divided by sandstone boundary stones. The representation of a goblet on the "stone witnesses, so winkler suspects, probably indicates that this forest used to belong to the langheim monastery. In the course of the secularization, the monastery possessions were called "herrenholz" ("lord's wood") divided among the local farmers.

Children and young people tested their climbing skills at the "hollow stone, an impressive rock massif formed by weathering. On the flurbereinigungsweg (land consolidation path) we continued to mosenberg. In the restored mary chapel, which is lovingly cared for by the local chapel-building association, ludwig winkler provided information about the history of the bergdorfers in the jura mountains. "Frankenberg, mosenberg and wallersberg together with weihersmuhle formed an independent community until the early 1970s", he paid. The roads were not extended until after the town of weismain had been incorporated into the community. The ornate church of the people of mosenberg in the center of the village replaced the original small chapel on the outskirts of the village. Services are celebrated here at least twice a month. Winkler led the pilgrims to the "rauhenstein", where they had a magnificent view of the kotteler grund. They marveled at the juniper hills and saw the village of arnstein on the other side of the mountain with its imposing parish church st. Nicholas. The destination of the excursion was the village of wallersberg with its pilgrimage church dedicated to saint catherine. The origin of the sacral building dates back to the 14 century. Century back. The pilgrimage is based on a spring whose water is said to have special powers. "With the drying up of the spring, however, the pilgrimage system also dried up", reported birgit janson.

Weismain city priest gerhard mockel celebrated a pilgrimage service with the old art elders, which was also attended by many believers from the surrounding mountain villages. In his sermon, the clergyman dealt with the work of the holy spirit and the importance of a "good spirit" for a community and the family. 


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