Judge at the coburg regional court had to speak up

Judge at the coburg regional court had to speak up

At some point, judge jana huber had enough: "geht’s noch. That’s not adult or cool, that’s stupid kindergarten stuff", the presiding judge at the coburg regional court replied to a witness.

Previously, the latter had not only tried to provide the defendant with an alibi and had become increasingly entangled in implausible declarations during the statements.

Slot machines and light systems

After all, the accusations are no small matter. The 31-year-old defendant is accused of breaking into various bars and discotheques in neustadt, kronach and the surrounding area from the beginning of 2018 to the beginning of 2019 together with a friend at the time. Slot machines were broken into, light and sound equipment as well as trusses for the stage were stolen.

The man from coburg, who has himself run a discotheque and a burger store for a time, is said not to have joined the company himself, but to have kept a constant watch.

After the two alleged perpetrators got into a fight in a restaurant in neustadt, the accused allegedly pushed his accomplice to the ground, choked him on the neck and kicked him.

Waived their own share

Together they are said to have taken loot worth around 16,000 euros. Most of the cash was shared between the two, as the alleged co-defendant in another trial testified. He got no benefit from the advice.Time and again, the witness told the court, he got involved in helping his old school friend. His money problems are said to have been the deciding factor. In some cases he had waived his share of the money. "He was my friend, that was the only reason for me", the trained machinist said.

Then it came to the quarrel and fisticuffs. The accused, who already had a criminal record, went straight to the police and not only confessed to the crime, but also reported the bodily injury to his former friend.

"The accused will defend himself in silence", his attorney andreas kittel announced at the outset. That is, also to the question of whether and to what extent he was involved in the deeds, he said nothing.

Kittel tried to work out the credibility of the witness and his possible motives with a sharp questioning.

So he exposed the alcohol consumption, aggressive behavior and two suicide attempts, which should just put the fisticuffs in a new light. In the course of the trial, others wanted to exonerate the defendant. At times he lived together with his then accomplice. Friends of the defendant who were called as witnesses also lived in the same house.

Their testimonies, however, were the ones that judge and prosecutor carolin eckert brought up. One of the witnesses gave the accused – admittedly – a quick and exact alibi, and was even able to prove it with a calendar entry on his cell phone. However, this was the only entry he had made in it.

It took him a long time to admit that he had arranged his statements about the dates in advance. The following witness also had to be led with difficulty by the judge to give a truthful statement. In the meantime, it got loud in the courtroom. Even the accused had to be reminded of the house by the chairwoman. Kittel only referred to his pladoyer.

So it is up to the court to unravel the intricacies of former and continuing friendships. The hearing will be continued this wednesday.


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