Former national coach sturm: olympics probably without nhl pros

former national coach sturm: olympics probably without nhl pros

"Time is running out, and a decision must certainly be made slowly. At the moment, I don’t expect to see NHL players on the ice at the olympics," sturm told the newspaper "augsburger allgemeine" in an interview.

He regrets it, but "on the other hand, it’s a tough blow for the clubs when one of their players tests positive for the corona virus in beijing," said the current assistant coach of the los angeles kings. And this was not only going to affect the NHL clubs, but the DEL clubs as well. "You also have to remember that the winter olympics go on until the end of february," said the 43-year-old, "that is, until the hectic phase of the season with the playoffs and K.O.-duels.

Rijeka and galway defy the corona virus

Rijeka and galway defy the corona virus

The start was spectacular. The croatian city of rijeka kicked off its new harbor with a spectacular "opera industriale" featuring dancing cranes, a punk orchestra and rough choruses in the harbor basin on january 1, 2010. February into the european capital of culture year.

The ambitions were high. The artistic treatment of the themes of water, work and migration, which have characterized the town for centuries, was intended to provide inspiration for the post-industrial age.

“Firefighter-run” in ebern: what firefighters achieve

Passers-by in the city center of ebern were confronted with an unusual sight on saturday in the late afternoon. A convoy that is seldom seen: in front the team transporter of the volunteer fire department of ebern, behind it twelve firefighters in full protective gear with donned breathing apparatus, jogging – and with noticeable strain on their faces.

"After the firefighter-run in waldkirch near freiburg, for which we had been training the last months, was finally cancelled because of the corona-pandemic, the de-exchange was of course rough", according to marcel leibold, responsible for service sports at the ebern floriansjungern. The run, which will take place on 10. The five-kilometer race, which took place in the breisgau region of germany on october, would have been the highlight for the running group, which had repeatedly been in "full assembly" in the past weeks on its training circuit between ebern and rentweinsdorf was on the move.

Us expert fauci goes into quarantine after Corona contact

uS expert fauci goes into quarantine after corona contact

Prominent u.S. Government adviser and immunologist anthony fauci enters "modified quarantine" after contact with u.S. President donald trump's corona-infected staff member. This is what the health expert told the US channel CNN.

However, it was a low-risk contact, fauci conceded. According to the report, he did not get very close to the infected employee at the time when his infection was known.

Care work should not only be a women’s issue

Today’s 1. March is equal-care day. While equal pay day, which commemorates wage inequality between women and men, has been in existence since 2007, equal care day is still relatively new. Only since 2016 has it been commemorated in leap years on march 29. February and in all other years on 1. Marz to the unequal distribution of care work, it says in a press release of the agency for work schweinfurt.

Doris kufner-schonfelder, equal employment opportunity officer at the schweinfurt employment agency, uses this day as an opportunity to point out that well over 80 percent of professional care work in germany is done by women. Women are disproportionately represented in childcare, elementary schools, nursing and domestic professions. Often, these services were not sufficiently rewarded or socially recognized.