Judge at the coburg regional court had to speak up

Judge at the coburg regional court had to speak up

At some point, judge jana huber had enough: "geht’s noch. That’s not adult or cool, that’s stupid kindergarten stuff", the presiding judge at the coburg regional court replied to a witness.

Previously, the latter had not only tried to provide the defendant with an alibi and had become increasingly entangled in implausible declarations during the statements.

Finance committee supports fc habfurt

finance committee supports fc habfurt

The FC habfurt would like to have a "public viewing" at seven games during the final round of the soccer world championship next year to host the event in its stadium. In addition he receives from the city habfurt a subsidy of 5000 euro.
A few years ago, the city of habfurt itself had once considered such an event on the marketplace, but refrained from doing so because of the cost risk. As a result, the goller brewery in zeil broadcast the german national team's matches in the 2014 soccer world championship and the 2016 european soccer championship on its premises.

Search for sponsors

Because there is no "public viewing" next year if the stadium is to be used for more matches, the FC habfurt would like to step into the breach and give football fans the opportunity to watch the matches in the stadium in the company of like-minded people. But the club has calculated in advance costs of about 77720 euros and is now in the industry and the business world in habfurt on the search for sponsors. He has therefore applied for a grant of 5,000 euros from the city of habfurt.
However, the habfurt city council and the chamber of commerce proposed to the finance and main committee of the city council that no fixed subsidy be granted to the association. Rather, a loss participation of 5000 euros should be made available, since a city subsidy was not necessary in the event of a surplus.

Corona unity over:bundesliga fight for billions

Corona unity over:bundesliga fight for billions

In the joint corona struggle for existence, german pro soccer jerked together by a huge amount, but the solidarity cuddling course is already over again in the billion-dollar business.

No sooner had DFL boss christian seifert announced the payout of 4.4 billion euros from the TV rights for the 2021/22 to 2024/25 seasons than the bundesliga clubs were getting into position for the rough fight for the money.

Criticism also comes from kulmbach’s base

Criticism also comes from kulmbach's base

Helga eber from mainleus clearly says "no" on christian wulff’s honorarium: "he resigned dishonorably, no matter how you look at it." In principle, however, she considers high pensions for politicians to be justified because of their heavy workload "if they do their job properly". The mainlander does not agree that the outgoing president should possibly receive further special benefits such as an office and a chauffeur: "what duties does wulff have now??"

Helga eber understands the cancellation of the ex-presidents for today’s cone ceremony.

Children get involved in “christmas in a shoebox

Plus animals, a lego car, sweets and lots of warm things. The girls and boys pack the gifts in the brightly colored shoeboxes and hope that they will bring joy to poor children. "When it comes to st. Martin and sharing with those in need, we explained to the children that there are also children in this world who are not so well off", tells educator cordula altmann.

The "christmas in a shoebox" campaign was a good occasion to fill the topic with life. The "children"s oasis this year is the first time that machtilshausen has taken part, and leader michaela warmuth is delighted with the successful premiere. "In this way, we too can make our small contribution", she emphasizes. There are four age groups at the facility, and each group donates a cardboard box. The prizes were sponsored by the children"s parents.

Germany’s cultural buildings are having a hard time

Germany's cultural buildings are having a hard time

The project went over richard wagner’s head. Between the laying of the foundation stone and the opening of his festival theater in bayreuth, the composer suffered through four agonizing years. Money ran out, gonners jumped ship. In 1878 he was finally able to inaugurate it. "I did not believe that they would succeed – the emperor told me."Wagner (1813-1883) later recalled.

Cost explosions, misplanning, missed deadlines – cultural buildings in germany, as the wagner case shows, have rarely had it easy. There is also no shortage of younger examples. From the elbphilharmonie to the berlin city palace, projects financed with taxpayers’ money need to be readjusted at best; at worst, years of delays and scandals are involved.

Active throughout bavaria: manhunt for money thief

active throughout bavaria: manhunt for money thief

After successful pickpocketing (preferred loot: money purses with EC cards) in shops or in the fubganger zone / city center, relatively promptly larger amounts of money were then withdrawn from atms. In some cases, the tater failed because the PIN was entered incorrectly.

In addition to the areas of wurzburg, ingolstadt, memmingen and munich, the woman was also active several times in augsburg, as a comparison revealed. In four falls, she captured a total of around 3400 euros in the process.

Buffett puts nine billion dollars in his own shares

Buffett puts nine billion dollars in his own shares

Thus, in the third quarter alone, more was spent on this type of share price maintenance than ever before in a full calendar year. In the course of the year, the amount already adds up to about 16 billion dollars.

Many other companies have limited their share buybacks to keep their money together in the pandemic. But buffett sabbed with berkshire hathaway last on liquid funds of 145.7 billion dollars. Cash balance thus declined only slightly compared with the previous quarter. The 90-year-old star investor actually preferred to spend the money on investments – for a long time he largely rejected share buybacks to maintain the share price. But buffett has had a hard time finding suitable takeover targets for some time now.

Decision on muller-bread postponed

decision on muller-bread postponed

The preliminary insolvency administrator, hubert ampferl, is to sound out two possible investors beforehand as to whether they want to take over the entire company as a package – including the bakery in neufahrn – despite hygiene deficiencies and the baking ban.

The food inspectorate had again discovered vermin in some places in the coarse bakery in the munich suburb and therefore left the baking ban imposed at the end of january in force. The insolvency administrator announced on wednesday that the creditor committee now wants to "analyze the changed situation in detail". At the same time, investor talks continued at high pressure. At the beginning of next week, the creditor committee will meet again and make a decision.