Robber ties up savings bank employee

Robber ties up savings bank employee

Yesterday afternoon, a 49-year-old employee of a savings bank sat tied to a chair in the lobby of the schney branch for almost three hours. An attentive passer-by noticed after 3 p.M. That the branch was still closed, even though the lunch break was over. She looked through a window into the building and saw the tied up employee. The 49-year-old was treated on the spot by the ambulance service. She had suffered a shock but was uninjured.

Nylon stocking over his head

According to police spokesman alexander czech, the bank robbery and hostage-taking took place as follows: the 49-year-old employee, who was alone in the branch, wanted to leave between 12.15 and 12.30 o'clock the door that leads from the vestibule to the actual branch. At that moment she was attacked by a slim man of about 1.80 meters, who had pulled a nylon stocking over his head. The unarmed robber forced the 49-year-old into a counseling room to the right of the anteroom. There he tied her up by force with adhesive tape, fixed her to a chair and also closed her mouth with adhesive tape.
Thereupon the man entered the counter room and helped himself at the cash desk. Then the perpetrator fled unrecognized. On tuesday, the police could not yet give any information about the amount of the loot.
The 49-year-old employee was freed by police officers at around 4 p.M. The reason it took so long was that the officers had to proceed very carefully. At that time, it was not yet clear whether the perpetrator was still in the building and had taken the employee as a hostage.
Although the lichtenfels district of schney was widely cordoned off on tuesday afternoon, the manhunt brought no success. A police helicopter was overhead, rattling, because the police had to take into account that the bank robber was hiding nearby. Press spokesman czech commented: "the manhunt is continuing. Also in the vicinity. We don't know what means of escape the perpetrator used."
The savings bank employee testified that the bank robber was wearing a baseball cap, gloves, knee-length jeans, a dark hooded jacket and sneakers.
The area around the sparkasse branch in friedrich-ebert-strabe was cordoned off by the police until 5 p.M. Only parents who wanted to pick up their children from school were allowed to pass by. Residents who were outside the perimeter and who wanted to get to their homes had to wait in front of the perimeter. Inside the police cordon, people were standing in groups in front of their houses and investigating the situation. "We only became aware of it when it became so quiet outside because there were no more cars driving", a woman described her impressions.


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