“I think you’re swell”

For the seventh time, the parish community of "am weinstock jesu" has seen couples invited to a blessing service. The motto of the celebration was: "you"re great".
The zeiler kappele is not only the church where many couples say yes to each other, but also at the renewal of the marriage vows many accepted the invitation to the pilgrimage church. Almost to the last place the church was filled with men and women of different ages. Among those attending the service were sander alfons and marianne beuerlein, who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary that day.
The motto of the party was: "you are nice" a red thread ran through the service. In his sermon, pastor michael erhart drew a bow from the scent of the anointing of the shepherd boy david, which is reported in the old testament, to the scents that accompany couples in their time of togetherness. The pastor's examples ranged from the scent of love to the stench of everyday life. According to pastor michael erhart, it is important to find a partner not only in the initial relationship, but also when he comes home from work stinking or when he is surrounded by the smell of a hospital.

A scented candle as a gift

God loves people and finds them fragrant, he said. Erhart recommended to pass on this love to others and to say to each other: "I think you"re swell".
A single blessing followed, where pastor michael erhart had a personal blessing for each couple. Each couple received a small candle to take home as a souvenir. HB

Game and spab: accessible

game and spab: accessible

By our contributor annika munk

bamberg – a playground for all children – with and without disabilities. This is not only the wish of nicole orf, the city of bamberg's representative for the disabled, but also of numerous parents for their children. In bamberg, there are around 140 children under the age of 15 who are affected by a disability. It was high time to invest in a playground equipment that allows all children to play together.

Dsgvo: no protection for the clubs in the district of kronach against data protection

Dsgvo: no protection for the clubs in the district of kronach against data protection

The spook scares many organizations – also so love DSGVO "ubersetzen". This is the impression we get when associations and companies talk about the spectre of the new data protection regulation. Even lawyer sabine gross from kronach speaks of an "ungetum".

She understands that the GDPR instills fear in club officials and small store operators. But it was not possible to get out of her way.

The burgerwehr and its holiday

The burgerwehr and its holiday

It was a very special tuesday that marked the end of the kirchweih in rudenhausen this year. This was evident in many places, because especially for the 400th anniversary of the burgerwehr some guests had arrived. With 105 participating burghers, captain leo neubert was able to report to mayor gerhard ackermann more than he had seen in a long time.

With the chargierten, flag and function carriers it became on the "feiertag" thus a stately number at men in the black clothing. "It’s impressive to see so many people in top hats and coats attending our 400th anniversary celebrations. We are happy about that. You show your connection to your home country and tradition," said mayor ackermann at the funeral.

“Local politics is never finished”

"Yes, I do", said mayor frank rebhan (SPD). "I want to continue working for our city. I want to continue to shape this city. I want to complete huge projects and initiate new projects and get them up and running. I want to do this in the interest of the people of neustadt, because that’s what it’s all about, our children and ultimately also future generations. Local politics is never finished, it’s always going on", OB rebhan said in his nomination speech.

Wednesday evening, as expected, rebhan was unanimously nominated as a candidate for mayor in the municipal elections in march. Much applause, congratulations and warm embraces showed the popular neustadt father his high sympathy values. "I need your help for the coming weeks. And if the electorate will commission me, then I am ready", thanked rebhan for the trust he has placed in him.

Former national coach sturm: olympics probably without nhl pros

former national coach sturm: olympics probably without nhl pros

"Time is running out, and a decision must certainly be made slowly. At the moment, I don’t expect to see NHL players on the ice at the olympics," sturm told the newspaper "augsburger allgemeine" in an interview.

He regrets it, but "on the other hand, it’s a tough blow for the clubs when one of their players tests positive for the corona virus in beijing," said the current assistant coach of the los angeles kings. And this was not only going to affect the NHL clubs, but the DEL clubs as well. "You also have to remember that the winter olympics go on until the end of february," said the 43-year-old, "that is, until the hectic phase of the season with the playoffs and K.O.-duels.

Now it’s the turn of the Heilig-Kreuz school

Second mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) firmly defends himself against the repeated accusation that the main schools, now middle schools, are worth less to the city than others. "That is simply absurd", he says. Especially at the heilig-kreuz-middle school an excellent work is done, especially in the ecn (extra chance use) classes. The middle school plays an important role in view of the demographic change and the associated threat of a shortage of skilled workers. "The problems we have in connection with the structural condition are not homemade," says ullrich pfuhlmann, states norbert tessmer.
Ullrich pfuhlmann, head of the building department, points out that the structural problems have been known since 2008. At that time, the city's request was denied by the school supervisory authority, i.E. The government of upper franconia. "The heilig-kreuz school has fallen by the wayside. We do not know how the decision was made."
In fact, it does not look good for the building substance. "The energetic values are catastrophic, some of the windows can no longer even be opened." The building services, i.E. Heating and electrical systems, are 50 to 60 years old. The sports hall is no longer properly heated, some sports equipment can no longer be used because it is not safe. In addition, there are some damp spots in the building. "This can only be done through a general renovation", explained ullrich pfuhlmann. School district director klaus anderlik recalls that the windows were replaced in 1979. Since then, there have only been building maintenance measures.
Four million euros are needed for a general refurbishment. "This is the lower limit", says the head of the building department. But at least: now the space program approved by the government of upper franconia is available. It refers to the forecast for the development of school numbers up to the year 2019. "On this basis, the construction planning can now take place, which in turn is the basis for the application for building permission", explains klaus anderlik.

Schoolers are included
Plans are currently underway for 13 classrooms, 130 square meters of space for the all-day school and the after-school care program – the gymnasium will be used for this purpose – a break hall and various classrooms, teachers' rooms, etc. And what will become of the schoolchildren's ideas about their future school, which they have been working on for months in a project workshop with students from coburg university?? "We have said from the beginning that we will involve the schools", says norbert tessmer. That is how it remains. However, only what is financially feasible can be implemented.
The application will be ready by the summer of this year and will be submitted to the government of upper franconia. "We might get the approval by the end of the year", says ullrich pfuhlmann. And klaus anderlik adds that construction is expected to begin in summer 2015 at the earliest. Work will probably be done in two phases. Containers are planned as an alternative for the lessons.

Milan 2:1 against as rom thanks to ibrahimovic

Milan 2:1 against as rom thanks to ibrahimovic

Before wednesday’s quarterfinal first leg against the spanish team in milan, the swedish international striker was mainly responsible for keeping the serie A champions on course for the title. With two goals, "ibra" almost single-handedly led his team to victory in a 2-1 win over AS romo. AC milan (63 points) thus kept chaser juventus turin (56) at bay ahead of the latter’s top match against inter milan on sunday afternoon.

At the giuseppe meazza stadium, the 31-year-old scored the opener of the 29. Matchday in the 53. Minute and again in the 83rd minute. Minute by head . Shortly before the intermission, pablo osvaldo (44).) marked the lead for the guests. Ibrahimovic’s two goals against rome extended his lead in the serie A scoring charts. The swede has already scored 22 goals this season, while udinese’s antonio di natale has scored 19 so far.

Lower franconia: armed robbery at bakery – employee exchanges police

Lower Franconia: armed robbery at bakery - employee exchanges police

An employee of a bakery branch called 911 on thursday evening to report that she had been mugged. In the meantime, it is clear that the alleged robbery was fictitious. That communicates the police in lower franconia with. A preliminary investigation is now underway against the participant for the substitution of a criminal act.

Against 20.15 o'clock the bakery employee dialed 110 and stated that she had been attacked by an unknown person. The man is said to have been armed with a knife during the crime and to have demanded the surrender of cash. With cash in the amount of about 1.500 euro is the offender according to the information of the communicator in unknown direction cursed.

Finance committee supports fc habfurt

finance committee supports fc habfurt

The FC habfurt would like to have a "public viewing" at seven games during the final round of the soccer world championship next year to host the event in its stadium. In addition he receives from the city habfurt a subsidy of 5000 euro.
A few years ago, the city of habfurt itself had once considered such an event on the marketplace, but refrained from doing so because of the cost risk. As a result, the goller brewery in zeil broadcast the german national team's matches in the 2014 soccer world championship and the 2016 european soccer championship on its premises.

Search for sponsors

Because there is no "public viewing" next year if the stadium is to be used for more matches, the FC habfurt would like to step into the breach and give football fans the opportunity to watch the matches in the stadium in the company of like-minded people. But the club has calculated in advance costs of about 77720 euros and is now in the industry and the business world in habfurt on the search for sponsors. He has therefore applied for a grant of 5,000 euros from the city of habfurt.
However, the habfurt city council and the chamber of commerce proposed to the finance and main committee of the city council that no fixed subsidy be granted to the association. Rather, a loss participation of 5000 euros should be made available, since a city subsidy was not necessary in the event of a surplus.