“I think you’re swell”

For the seventh time, the parish community of "am weinstock jesu" has seen couples invited to a blessing service. The motto of the celebration was: "you"re great".
The zeiler kappele is not only the church where many couples say yes to each other, but also at the renewal of the marriage vows many accepted the invitation to the pilgrimage church. Almost to the last place the church was filled with men and women of different ages. Among those attending the service were sander alfons and marianne beuerlein, who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary that day.
The motto of the party was: "you are nice" a red thread ran through the service. In his sermon, pastor michael erhart drew a bow from the scent of the anointing of the shepherd boy david, which is reported in the old testament, to the scents that accompany couples in their time of togetherness. The pastor's examples ranged from the scent of love to the stench of everyday life. According to pastor michael erhart, it is important to find a partner not only in the initial relationship, but also when he comes home from work stinking or when he is surrounded by the smell of a hospital.

A scented candle as a gift

God loves people and finds them fragrant, he said. Erhart recommended to pass on this love to others and to say to each other: "I think you"re swell".
A single blessing followed, where pastor michael erhart had a personal blessing for each couple. Each couple received a small candle to take home as a souvenir. HB


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