“Local politics is never finished”

"Yes, I do", said mayor frank rebhan (SPD). "I want to continue working for our city. I want to continue to shape this city. I want to complete huge projects and initiate new projects and get them up and running. I want to do this in the interest of the people of neustadt, because that’s what it’s all about, our children and ultimately also future generations. Local politics is never finished, it’s always going on", OB rebhan said in his nomination speech.

Wednesday evening, as expected, rebhan was unanimously nominated as a candidate for mayor in the municipal elections in march. Much applause, congratulations and warm embraces showed the popular neustadt father his high sympathy values. "I need your help for the coming weeks. And if the electorate will commission me, then I am ready", thanked rebhan for the trust he has placed in him.

Heike stegner-kleinknecht had introduced frank rebhan and proposed him as a candidate for mayor of turkey. "I have to propose a man who has been doing excellent work for 25 years. A man who has set a lot in motion, not only in neustadt, who pushes a lot and makes sure that it is implemented when the committees have given their approval, which they usually do.", stegner-kleinknecht said. And the city councilwoman mentioned some of the things that happened during rebhan’s term of office. The redevelopment of the city center: not only the current renovation of the city hall and the redesign of the market square, but also the previous sparing and the greening of the city center. The development of "neustadt as a family town with facilities for young and old as well as the family center, the expansion of the daycare centers, support for the schools and home help for seniors, stegner-kleinknecht continued to list.

Economic policy

This also includes securing neustadt as a business location with an increase of 500 jobs in recent years. "I could go on and on. But i think you all know what we have in him. We need him. He has rough experience. Working with sonneberg offers urban development opportunities that new town can’t do on its own. We are too small for that, just like sonneberg is for itself." Together, many things are possible, such as city bus transportation. And addressed to the CSU: "there is no use looking to munich. There are usually no solutions from there for the problems we have here."

The world is in a state of upheaval, and neustadt can’t leave it alone. We have to deal with the climate catastrophe, develop a climate protection concept for new town and pay attention to sustainability. "This has been started and must be continued. I could go on, you all know why frank rebhan has to go on. And I have never seen him do anything just because he wants to be important himself. This is not self-evident in politics! For him, new town is the focus of his work, not even the SPD, but new town."

Councilman kanat akin said everything will be created with foresight and need-based policies. "We have serious tasks and we need serious people to solve them. Frank rebhan performs his duties with passion and dedication. Experience helps to avoid mistakes."

A stroke of luck for neustadt

In the past, rebhan was a lucky case for new town. "He is the strong voice in the county and in the government district, in political and economic decisions, with the people, in the families. Now your strong hands are needed to continue the development of neustadt as a livable, lovable, unique and future-proof city for today’s and tomorrow’s citizens."

The citizens had every right to expect the SPD to do its best for them: "I am pleased to propose our best candidate for the highest office in our hometown: his name is frank rebhan, and he is our mayor. Let’s help together to keep it that way", wished akin.

Much has been achieved in local politics, rebhan emphasized. "We have achieved this with the help of great, efficient companies in neustadt, with many people who are committed to the common good in neustadt and do voluntary work. We have created a lot of new things; also with state demand funds, which you have to get first, however." On the political side, he said he was proud of a very efficient administration and a city council that put ideology aside.

Many people had lost their jobs around the turn of the millennium. "Where do we stand today??", rebhan asked. "We have quasi full employment. 500 new jobs have been added in the last five years."

All good things come in fours

Rebhan’s application speech was 14 pages long, listing what happened in the puppet city during his three terms in office.

"We cooperate in upper franconia, in the metropolis of nurnberg, in many ways with neighboring towns and communities from the district of coburg. And yes, we are cooperating with our neighboring town of sonneberg in a completely new way: cross-country and eye-to-eye", frank rebhan recalled.

Bernd gartner asked the list candidates to introduce themselves and said. "Our city council candidates make a very good offer to our burghers. All ages and professions are represented. The list reflects the diversity of neustadt’s society", gartner emphasized.


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