The burgerwehr and its holiday

The burgerwehr and its holiday

It was a very special tuesday that marked the end of the kirchweih in rudenhausen this year. This was evident in many places, because especially for the 400th anniversary of the burgerwehr some guests had arrived. With 105 participating burghers, captain leo neubert was able to report to mayor gerhard ackermann more than he had seen in a long time.

With the chargierten, flag and function carriers it became on the "feiertag" thus a stately number at men in the black clothing. "It’s impressive to see so many people in top hats and coats attending our 400th anniversary celebrations. We are happy about that. You show your connection to your home country and tradition," said mayor ackermann at the funeral.

Mark cracked

The mayor and the responsible persons had hoped in advance that the 100-participant mark would be cracked again this time after several years. The wish was fulfilled, because many younger people took part for the first time and also some who had paused in the last few years, probably because of the special occasion, joined in after all.

Delegations of the local fire brigades from the neighboring towns of castell, wiesenbronn, wiesentheid and markt einersheim also attended the anniversary celebrations and marched into the castle park with the music bands from groblangheim and wiesentheid.

Contribution to television

The round birthday had also attracted a team from bavarian television, which made recordings for a four-minute report that ran in the "abendschau". In this speech, captain leo neubert, otto furst zu castell-rudenhausen, and also some of the citizen soldiers explained the significance of tuesday for the village. "For many rudenhausers, this is the best day of the whole year, which they look forward to every time," said captain leo neubert. Participating in the move-out is a natural part of the process, according to many burghers.

Otto zu castell-rudenhausen emphasized the afternoon when the first part of the traditional process is over. He likes the atmosphere on tuesday. "I am looking forward to sitting together with the family and the people of rudenhausen in a cosy atmosphere, drinking a glass of wine and exchanging stories. That is what makes this day for me."

1618 brought to life

Earlier, the prince had used the historical background to explain why the burgerwehr was founded by his ancestors in 1618. Furstin maria is also "the most important day of the year, because everyone gets together again."Piero tavolieri, an italian from milan, who came to watch the spectacle, got into the black. "This is wonderful, I like these village festivals with this tradition and the music", the elderly gentleman was happy to watch.

There and away

Robert finster, who was a guest in his capacity as deputy to the district administrator and spoke a grub word, seemed to be blown away by the whole thing. He is "simply overwhelmed and proud to have been able to experience this here." That this tradition can still be held and with so many burgers, impresses him. Proud were also the rudenhauser responsible persons, who had planned the expiry and everything in the apron. Everything went like clockwork, even if some things went a little differently than usual in view of the unusually large number of men in tails and top hats in the castle park. In the afternoon, the people of rudenhaus bid farewell to the neighboring burgerwehren. The move into the town was followed by the handover of the rifles in the town hall. When pushing the weir onto the target, marco klein won the first prize. The special prize created for this purpose is shared by a number of. The first to meet was otto zu castell-rudenhausen, who agreed with the others.


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