Game and spab: accessible

game and spab: accessible

By our contributor annika munk

bamberg – a playground for all children – with and without disabilities. This is not only the wish of nicole orf, the city of bamberg's representative for the disabled, but also of numerous parents for their children. In bamberg, there are around 140 children under the age of 15 who are affected by a disability. It was high time to invest in a playground equipment that allows all children to play together.

A playground for all children
the first barrier-free playground in the city of bamberg was presented last thursday by nicole orf and mayor christian lange (CSU). Thanks to a donation from the savings bank of bamberg, it could be installed on the playground at the corner of moos/jahnstrabe. Thus it stands completely in the proximity of the life assistance. The barrier-free carousel is designed so that users with and without wheelchairs can ride on it. A special drive mechanism and braking devices make it suitable for use in public areas. "In addition to kindergarten and school attendance, we also want to create opportunities for joint recreational activities", says christian lange. "Inclusive play is elementary important", this would also have an impact on playground planning.
Step by step, the city of bamberg wants to equip all playgrounds with barrier-free play equipment. The goal is to make play facilities available to everyone. Nevertheless, the expansion is connected with high financial means. Such a playground costs around 30,000 euros, including all the trimmings. No small sum. Nevertheless, the city's representative for the disabled, nicole orf, understands the "playful" approach inclusion as "the stimulation of children's creativity and imagination".

Playground inspection planned
She wanted to challenge the different talents of the children and at the same time respond to the individual needs of the playing group. Disabled and non-disabled children should be able to play as independently as possible.
Mayor christian lange is hoping for support from the state of bavaria and the city council in implementing the expansion of further barrier-free playgrounds in bamberg. In order to convince the latter of the benefits of the project, a playground inspection is planned for october of this year. The shortage and possibilities of different playgrounds should be pointed out.

Demanding inclusion
Diana Moritz, mother of seven-year-old kiana marie, would like to see more barrier-free playground equipment in the future. To give the children with disabilities even more opportunities to participate in the game with other children. She is thinking of a swing or seats that would allow children to play without their wheelchairs.
Daniela muller, whose daughter marie is also confined to her wheelchair, adds: "playing together shows other children that children with disabilities are completely normal." So no beruhrungsangste were created in the first place.


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