Logging on unkempt forest areas

Sunlight penetrates through the loosened canopy to the forest floor, young trees can grow back and naturally rejuvenate the stand: this is what a well-maintained, ecologically and economically valuable forest looks like to forestry experts. However, this ideal image does not yet prevail everywhere in the city’s forest, as a tour of the forest showed the city councils.

Right opposite the showcase area at obererthal is the counterexample: a stand of pines, larches and beech trees that is about 100 years old. "Although the stock is relatively old, the trees are still so dunn", said matthias wallrapp of the foundation juliusspital wurzburg. Since september 2015, the foundation has been supporting the town, especially in forestry planning.
The maintenance of the stand was not possible in the past, because it was not accessible by a road. That has now changed for several years. Therefore, on almost eleven hectares, about 750 solid meters of wood have now been cut – mainly to support other species. "The books otherwise displaced other trees", explained the city forestry manager hubertus tumpach.

Local spokesman hans schonau reminded the audience that such a felling can always cause resentment among local residents at first. During another maintenance strike a few years ago in obererthal, the shouting had been rough. But later, the harshest critics felt that it was already how the forest had developed afterwards.

Current potential for conflict emerged during the forest walk on feuerthal’s long mountain. There, too, there is a stand that is about 50 to 120 years old and has not been thinned for decades. Therefore, the city’s forestry operation plans for august on a flat of 30 hectares a cut of about 1200 solid cubic meters. For this purpose, a self-procuring company with a harvester will be used.

The cutting is intended primarily to remove dark, inferior pines in order to stabilize and challenge the growth of their more vital tree species comrades. "The trees have been very dense for a long time and without care", said wallrapp. He described the felling as a denouement. In 2014 and 2015, tracks were created for the trees to make them more accessible.

At that time, a forest path, a popular walkway for the feuerthaler, was affected in the process. This had caused displeasure in the district and with local spokesman jurgen armbruster. At the forest walk, armbruster still expressed his annoyance: "something like last time must not happen again."

Wallrapp promised that the logging would "run smart" become. As tumpach explained, the path has also been repaired again. According to the forestry manager, the fact that it didn’t happen right away was due to the weather: "the weather has to be right for road construction."

What a felling can do, the forestry experts showed at the black pine stand fubloch. There tumpach had started several years ago with the removal of the trees – under rough shouting from all sides, as he said. In the meantime, forestry experts have taken a look at the stand as an example.


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