Court allows controversial bremen monkey experiments to proceed

The authority had argued that the suffering of the monkeys in the experiments was ethically unjustifiable. Previously, the bremische burgerschaft had spoken out in favor of an end to the trials. The OVG, on the other hand, regards the monkey experiments as justifiable. The court does not like an appeal.

Since 1998, scientists around prof. Andreas kreiter neurological research on macaques. In the attempts the heads of the animals are fixed. You have to actively participate in the experiments to get water. Brain activity is measured. Researchers hope that basic research will lead to advances in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy.

Tuesday’s hearing was essentially about the question of how much the animals suffer as a result of the tests. Both sides presented expert opinions with differing assessments. The court based its decision on the assumption that the impact on the animals was moderate.

The university of bremen saw the decision as a confirmation of its position. "I am not surprised by the ruling of the supreme administrative court," shared prof. Reinhard fischer, who is responsible for the macaque tests. "On the one hand, the research work of prof. The project has received the highest international recognition, which was confirmed today by all parties involved in the process. On the other hand, andreas kreiter has of course ensured since the beginning of the experiments 15 years ago that all the provisions of the animal protection law are strictly observed."

The honorary president of the german animal protection association and chairman of the bremer tierschutzverein, wolfgang apel, regretted the court’s decision. From its point of view, the university’s arguments had been one-sidedly upheld. "It is also completely incomprehensible that the court, despite the fundamental importance, has not allowed an appeal. We will continue to do everything politically and legally to end these torturous animal experiments."

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