Us expert fauci goes into quarantine after Corona contact

uS expert fauci goes into quarantine after corona contact

Prominent u.S. Government adviser and immunologist anthony fauci enters "modified quarantine" after contact with u.S. President donald trump's corona-infected staff member. This is what the health expert told the US channel CNN.

However, it was a low-risk contact, fauci conceded. According to the report, he did not get very close to the infected employee at the time when his infection was known.

To be on the safe side, however, he will work from home for fourteen days and wear a mask for that long, fauci told the station. He would only go to his office at the national institute of health if he was alone, he added. He will also be tested daily for the coronavirus. On friday, his test was still negative, according to fauci. Should he be needed in the weiben haus, he will of course comply with all precautionary measures.

On thursday the weibe house had announced that one of trumps employees was infected with the coronavirus. The president has since been tested negative for the virus and is in the best of health, a spokesman stressed. Trump himself said on thursday that he had had very little contact with the employee. The corona tests at weiben haus were now done daily and not just weekly. On friday it was also announced that the press secretary of vice president mike pence is also infected with the coronavirus.

According to the university of johns hopkins, a good 1.3 million corona infections have been detected in the U.S. So far. More than 78.000 people died in the USA as a result of the lung disease covid-19.


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