Road bridge collapsed in us state of washington

road bridge collapsed in us state of washington

According to the media, this is what a police officer said on thursday (local time). The skagit valley herald local newspaper in mount vernon, online reported that there was initially no word on injuries or deaths.
Eyewitnesses reported that three people had been pulled from the river. There was applause for the rescuers from onlookers when a man was brought from the roof of his car to dry land. A motorist who drove over the bridge just before the collapse reported a vibration in the road. When he looked in the rearview mirror, the part of the bridge he had just driven over was no longer there.

The newspaper reported rescuers with boats were trying to help people in their cars in the water. The northern section of the bridge between burlington and mount vernon collapsed in the evening for as yet unknown reasons. Onlookers had gathered on both sides of the river. Further details were not initially known. Interstate 5 connects seattle with vancouver in Canada.


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