Joachim witt: the “golden rider” turns 70

Joachim witt: the 'golden rider' turns 70

Joachim witt sang his way into the hit parades of the 80s with the "golden rider" and became a star of the new german wave (NDW). Almost 20 years later, the german musician landed another chart hit with "die flut", before it became quieter around him again.

In the meantime, the hamburger has found himself and his musical home. On friday (22. February), the singer with the wispy beard turns 70 – and for the first time in a long time, he’s even looking forward to his day of honor.

Witt has reinvented himself and his music again and again in the course of his 45-year musical life. He was also driven by "the fear of repetition". Trivial, superficial, repetitive – that was out of the question for him. "I’d rather take a break," he told the german press agency.

The fall of the berlin wall saved him from this uncreative period, the hamburg native recalls. After the turnaround, witt was now able to perform there as well. "I knew that the ‘golden rider’ had an iconic effect there. And they were very happy that you performed there."

Over the course of the following years, witt has tried out many things. Whether rock, pop, dark wave, gothic, NDW or new german hard – witt therefore has fans in all currents and several generations. Witt has released a total of 16 albums since 1980. According to his agency, he has sold about two million sound carriers. In the meantime, this had even made him a millionaire, says witt about it. "This is not the current situation. But i manage well."

His mostly deep-rooted songs often come with force, pathos and melancholy. In it, he processes his view of society, his relationships, his thoughts. His works had always been "a piece of self-therapy" for him as well. "My music itself has always helped me to get out of these low points."

In the hope of gaining more recognition, the north german also took a less musical risk in 2016: moving into the celebrity big brother house. There he sang the "reiter" in a cockroach costume. His balance three years later: "i would never do something like that again. Horror!".

By the way, witt describes his greatest success not as one of his songs, but as a swimming badge: "the free swimmer with the federal border police," says witt, who likes to look at the sea, but doesn’t like to swim in it. "I have always been so afraid of water. And there I was really driven into the water. This is how the success came about."

Grandpa" witt has two small grandchildren and lives in potsdam, so he regularly commutes to hamburg to visit his two children and his wife. The musician and producer does not have any concrete wishes for his "round". But he would like to travel more and get a winter residence in the south, for example, in the canary islands. "Somehow and sometime i’ll do that, too!"

Witt does not want to go into musical retirement for a long time yet. "It is not an option for me as long as i am mobile, can move well mentally and physically." Punctually to the 70. Publishes witt his new album "refugium". For this he has rearranged the high points of his musical work and recorded them with an orchestra. He goes on tour with it at the end of april.

But before that, there will be a birthday party in hamburg. "In a relatively small frame. With a little lounge music."Of the 70. Be a special date after all. Otherwise he would not have looked forward to his birthdays so much. "But this time somehow."


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