Robber ties up savings bank employee

Robber ties up savings bank employee

Yesterday afternoon, a 49-year-old employee of a savings bank sat tied to a chair in the lobby of the schney branch for almost three hours. An attentive passer-by noticed after 3 p.M. That the branch was still closed, even though the lunch break was over. She looked through a window into the building and saw the tied up employee. The 49-year-old was treated on the spot by the ambulance service. She had suffered a shock but was uninjured.

Nylon stocking over his head

Love for the village

Dorfer are small and manageable. A value in itself in times of megabyte-controlled information floods. No sooner does a street village begin than it ends again. Does the cow raise its head for a moment because of the passing car or does it continue to graze?? Given. Time is not a factor, then just later.
Villages are not only idyllic, but also a remote place of residence for overtired commuters, at some times of the year dreary and lonely, sometimes even on the verge of extinction. All this is what the makers of the film "in the world of the strabendorfers" mean times not. The strip will be broadcast on bavarian television tomorrow sunday, 27. August, from 15.15 to 16 o'clock. The film is 45 minutes long and is about love, love for the village, love for life hopefully also. Well, for sure.
Discontinued model country? 20 years ago, almost 19 percent of germans lived there; today, the figure is 15 percent, or rather a tick lower. Eisenfelden, bergen, karlshuld, steinbach an der haide – four beautiful strabendorfer, one film. There is life in all four – sometimes, it is said, families move in. Or stay there again at least.
Like in steinbach an der haide, city of ludwigsstadt, upper franconia. Far out on the map of bavaria, with the border to the GDR just behind it. Steinbach an der haide is at the same time very far inside. In the heart of its inhabitants, flowers and flowers on the village green in the center. Ewald heyder is a long-time resident, and birgit trobs is even the elected local farmer. Idyll in the hugeligen frankenwald. "In the world of the "strabendorfer is a film by annett segerer and alexander saran, edited by Michael Zehetmair.